Senior Managers Regime: Are firms taking sufficiently reasonable steps to comply?

A whitepaper which provides insights from Medius Consulting as we approach the first anniversary of the initial implementation of the Senior Managers Regime in the UK. It questions whether the full implications of the new regime have yet to be fully appreciated and addressed and is therefore relevant both to those firms and individuals already subject to the regime as well as those to whom it will apply in 2018.

In The Senior Managers Regime (‘SMR’) and Certification Regime came into force on 7 March 2016 for a small but significant number of regulated firms – notably banks, designated investment firms and building societies. This first wave is now referred to as Accountability 1 (‘A1’) and will be followed at some point in 2018 by all other regulated firms – Accountability 2 (‘A2’)

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SMCR: Paperwork or Performance?

Trailight hosted it’s launch event in fabulous style at 58 Victoria Embankment in Central London.  We were joined by over 70 professionals from across the industry (50% under the regime and 50% looking forward to Accountability II) to discuss SM&CR: Paperwork or Performance?

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Using KPIs to tackle individual accountability

How KPIs can allow you to link Individual Accountability Regime (IAR) requirements to company performance – By Charles Cattell

As the broader financial services industry prepares for the extension of the Individual Accountability Regime (IAR) to all financial services firms in 2018, this whitepaper explores how firms can use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track staff performance and simultaneously adhere to the compliance requirements of the regime.

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Preparing for Individual Accountability: What firms need to consider

A whitepaper designed to help you prepare for the extension of the Individual Accountability Regime to all sectors of the financial services industry by – By Charles Cattell

This whitepaper is designed to provide an overview of the challenges that financial services firms will face as the new Individual Accountability Regime (IAR) comes into force in the banking, building society and credit union sectors and as the broader industry prepares for the proposed extension of the regime to all financial services firms in 2018. One of the main goals of this paper is to explain the different aspects of the regime that companies need to consider and shed light on the regulatory aspects which will have the most significant impact on firms.

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The 9 steps to addressing Ethics, Values and Behaviours in your T&C Framework

A whitepaper designed to help you successfully address Ethics, Values and Behaviours in your T&C Framework

Unless you have been out of the country for a while, you can’t have failed to notice the plethora of Consultation and Guidance papers emitting from Canary Wharf which make reference to conduct, culture, behaviours, accountability and so on. But what does it all mean to someone who is responsible for training and competence in a firm?

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The 6 Benefits of an Aligned T&C Framework

A whitepaper designed to help you discover the benefits of proactively reviewing and re-aligning your T&C framework

While the New Year typically brings with it well-intentioned resolutions to stop this or start that, it’s rare for people to stick to their resolutions – indeed according to research in Psychology Today only one in ten people stay the course. Whether you ditch the diet or stop going to the gym is a personal matter, however when it comes to work commitments there’s very little room for negotiation. Those strategies and objectives that are set for the coming year need to be delivered against – notwithstanding the raft of regulatory changes that will impact banks, building societies, credit unions, providers and reinsurers. So, whether or not your particular firm will be impacted by proposed regulations, the underlying message about competence is loud and clear.

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