Applying a marginal gains mind-set to CPD management

A whitepaper designed to help you get the best out of your CPD activities and improve your CPD management

In 2010 David Brailsford was appointed Performance Director of Team Sky and faced one of the toughest jobs in sport. Up to that point no British cyclist had ever won the Tour de France; his task was to change that. Brailsford’s approach was simple. He set in place the doctrine of Marginal Gains whereby making small incremental improvements to individual processes would lead to a significant improvement in overall performance when combined.

All aspects of riding a racing bike were closely scrutinized by Brailsford and his team. By experimenting in a wind tunnel, he noted that the bike was not sufficiently aerodynamic. Through analysing the mechanics area in the team truck, he discovered that dust was accumulating on the floor thus undermining bike maintenance. He then had the floor painted white so that impurities could be easily spotted.

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Kestrel Partners invests in IAR platform

“Automation, transparency and audit trail – the IAR Platform helps me drive a culture of compliance and accountability throughout the firm, whilst getting us ahead of the curve on Accountability II.”

– David Prance (CFO and Head of Compliance, Kestrel Partners)

T&C Strategy Group

Sponsored by Trailight, and Chaired by Callum Grant.

25 senior T&C managers from 22 major firms joined us at the Walbrook Club in London, to engage with the regulator, and other speakers, on current initiatives and challenges:

MiFID II, FCA CP 16-29, Knowledge & Competence
Callum Grant, Trailight

Accountability 1 & 2
David Blunt, Head of the Conduct Specialists Department, Supervision Division of the FCA.

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Launch of the new branding to Trailight Ltd

Trailight partnered up with L&Co to rebrand the business. Our purpose is to help our customers shin a light on their organisations, connecting the dots of accountability, culture and performance to enable them to focus on driving the business whilst satisfying the regulator requirements. Hence Trailight was born combining the key concepts of Transparency and audit trail.

Tom Golding joins board

Tom Golding, Managing Director of Accuity, a Reed Elsevier Business, joins the board as a Non-Executive Director. Tom has spent the last 15 years delivering technology into the global Financial Services marketplace. David McNair Scott CEO of Track Record Holdings Ltd “I am really excited to work with Tom again, his insights in technology development and complex software delivery will help me and the executive build the business”.

Jonathan Cathie joins board

Jonathan Cathie, General Counsel to Gresham Technology Plc, joins the board as a Non-Executive Director. Jonathan acted as an advisor to the purchase of AITrackrecord and his experience in negotiating complex agreements with global Financial Services organisations will be invaluable to the business.