IAR – Individual Accountability Regime

IAR is the first solution to be built to meet the specific challenges associated with the individual accountability regimes around the world including the UK’s Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR), Ireland’s imminent Senior Executive Accountability Regime (SEAR), Australia’s Banking Executive Accountability Regime (BEAR), Hong Kong’s Manager in Charge regime (MIC), and Singapore’s proposed Individual Accountability and Conduct regime (IAC).

Individual Accountability Regime transparency graphic


IAR provides the level of flexibility and transparency needed to ensure that organisations are up to date with their accountability and people related regulatory obligations. Company-wide progress can be monitored through dashboards, reminders can be set using alerts, e-mails can be automatically sent out to relevant parties, and both HR and Compliance can monitor and maintain control of outputs and outcomes including outstanding actions or uncompleted tasks.
Individual Accountability Regime allocation graphic


Trailight solves the key challenge of keeping all necessary documents, individuals, and teams in synch and up to date. Staff can be notified of outstanding actions via e-mail, reminders and alerts can be set for time critical tasks, and regulatory forms can be automatically generated in preparation for submission. Critically, all of these actions and documents are stored, and time-stamped, to ensure that you have a rich, point-in-time history of the actions and steps that your organisation has taken.
Individual Accountability Regime individual graphic


Drive accountability with IAR’s suite of workflow tools and systemise how your organisation deals with handovers of responsibilities, delegation of tasks, recording temporary cover, completing fit & proper assessments, conduct attestations and Certification. Trailight’s IAR platform aims to own the regulatory footprint of the individual and at the same time provide the information required to measure conduct and culture across the firm.
Individual Accountability Regime responsibilities graphic


IAR provides the shape of accountability regulations by pre-loading critical information such as prescribed responsibilities and senior manager functions. The solution also provides a framework for your organisation to determine what is expected of staff when recording reasonable steps, ensuring that you drive responsibility and the right culture amongst staff. IAR also automates governance maps which provide your staff with a single view of how the firm is governed including governance bodies, senior management reporting lines and all of their responsibilities as they spread through the firm.