Individual Accountability Regime

Individual Accountability Regime (IAR) platform

Designed to be the industry benchmark, this platform gives financial institutions the control, visibility, and agility to manage accountability throughout the firm – and comply with the Senior Management Regime, Certification Regime and Conduct rules.

Manages and automates IAR workflow
  1. Function, Responsibility and Committee Mapping
  2. Certification process
  3. Fit and Proper process
  4. Conduct Rules staff management
Visibility and Transparency
  1. Statements of Responsibility
  2. Management Responsibility Map
  3. Certificates
  4. Conduct Rules
Traceability and assurance – a one stop shop for IAR
  1. Governance and committees
  2. Date and time-stamped audit trails
  3. Document management
  4. Collective decision making
  5. Reasonable steps
  6. Conduct rules breaches and training
Key Outcomes
  • Reducing Risk
  • Reducing cost of managing regimes
  • Increasing transparency on responsibility
  • Drive culture and accountability