People Risk Management

People Risk Management (PRM) platform

From March 2017, financial organisations will have an easier way to manage people risk. Trailight’s new PRM platform integrates Key Performance Indicators, and action-oriented workflows, so staff performance, capability, and Training & Competence, is transparent, measurable and trackable. A pioneering solution to help firms comply with new rules around competence from the FCA, RDR and MiFID II.

Identifying risks
  1. Defining and measuring competence and conduct
  2. Collate Key Performance Indicators into a single GRC dashboard
  3. Align risks with accountabilities and people
  4. Managing people risk and performance
  5. Planning and recording value add CPD
Mitigating risks
  1. Evidencing compliance with regulatory rules
  2. Take recorded action through accountability frameworks
  3. Track actions through people
  4. Review effectiveness of actions
  5. Proactive and Preemptive management
Transparency and reporting
  1. Track and report risks at individual level
  2. Roll up risk at hierarchy level
  3. One place to manage and review competence and conduct frameworks
  4. Drive improved compliance through informed decision making
Key Outcomes
  • Reducing Risk
  • Reducing cost of managing risk through automation
  • Improving competency and conduct management throughout firm
  • Leveraging people capability to deliver the right results
  • Culture of professionalism
  • Appropriate supervision