PRM – People Risk Management

PRM helps to manage all elements of staff performance and provides a centralised solution for managing competence and people risk. As organisations look to drive fitness and propriety across their firm, PRM provides the tools to create competence and capability frameworks and measure staff against these frameworks. This includes defining key performance indicators, setting supervision policy, driving and recording 1-2-1’s, recording professional training and ongoing development, and providing a full audit history of all actions taken.

People Risk Management insight graphic


Drive improved performance and mitigate regulatory risks with a single golden source for all actions taken related to CPD, appropriate supervision, Training, Staff Development, and Performance Reviews. PRM provides a range of reports and dashboards that allows you to drill into individual actions or aggregated views of performance across the organisation.
People Risk Management automation graphic


Minimise your people risk by automating and systemising important human resource and regulatory processes. PRM can ingest many different sources of performance data and then automate the outputs to ensure a consistent view of progress against targets. Manage your important lifecycle events, including authorisations, qualifications and permissions, and set required levels of activity and required responses to risks.
People Risk Management transparency graphic


PRM drives transparency across your organisation by providing a fully configurable hierarchical entitlement system. Set the data that you want to be available to individuals, managers, senior managers, and provide T&C teams with an access all administrative view. Create custom reports that provide exactly the data you need and deliver them to the specific individuals that you want to see them.
People Risk Management audit graphic


PRM provides a full document management system and a point-in-time record of activity related to people management. Ensure you have the correct data for regulatory reports and answer any question that you might be asked by having all relevant records in a single place.